Программа для отправки email с отображением логов почтовых серверов

Эта программа поможет тем, кто ищет причину не доставки / не отправки почты на публичных серверах, где логи не предоставляются пользователям.

Кладу сюда, чтобы не терялась: Synametrics Mail Sender


EmailSender is a utility allowing you to send emails to an SMTP server and watch the communication
between this email client and the server.

If you have a Xeams, SynaMan or Syncrify on your end, copy 
these files in the $INSTALL_DIR. For example, C:\Xeams.

If you don't have any software from Synametrics Technologies, Inc. You will need to install JRE 1.8 
in order to use this utility.

Running Email Sender

There are two modes of operation:

1 - GUI Mode (default)
2 - Console Mode

Running in GUI mode
* Double click run.bat file

Running in Console mode
* Open a Command prompt (Terminal on Linux/Mac)
* Change the current directory to the folder where you have saved EmailSender.jar file
* Run the following command:
	java -jar EmailSender.jar -console -help
* The above command will display usage

Example 1: Sending email using console mode

java -jar EmailSender.jar -console -srv YourSmtpServer -recipient your.email@yourcompany.com -sender xyz@yourcompany.com

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